Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Negative and Positive(27/07/10)

what i meant by Negative and Positive was the feelings i had today
and i wrote my blog in english for this post because my english is really really deproving
by a lot
and it's something negative

as for positive
she didn't forget our promise :D
that's something good
(actually,that's all for my positive feelings>_>)

i wanted to show how true i am to all around me
but what i got was silence and silence
i can't believe how fake this society is
if DS hadn't remind me to see all my friends clearly
i couldn't have seen all of my friend's face under their masks

DS was actually playing with them so happily
like nothing's gonna happen
i hate to see the scene
just hope my friend will not get cheated by them..

and after school
i thought that it would be quite happy since i can see YL
but it seems that YL knew what i thought
so YL acts weird when i was around
and so,i got myself away from YL
damn it

the band practice was "awesome"!!!!
Miss Cheryl
our conductor
conducted us to play a B flat straight for one and a half hour
i was playing very impatiently
and i almost threw my Trombone on the ground @_@
others had this weird feeling too
its not like i am not willing to play the note for that long
but,just very "pek chek" and its like some fire was burning in my heart
that's how i feel

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