Thursday, August 11, 2011

Failures (11/8/11)

What I aimed wasn't achieved
Just some simple goals and I can't even reach them
I feel like crying, I feel so alone
I'm not regretting my choice before, but I feel so useless
I can't even do anything correctly
Even got cheated by someone and a part of my life is gone
I'll never do anything like that anymore, I'll never believe him anymore
I just want my money back, without it, I am nothing!
I can't even have a normal diet, everything out there is so expensive
I don't even have a car license, I can't even sign a Postpaid number anymore
No one is there to help me, not even my family, all they ever see are money
Found some job, went through the first and second interview, but they're doing things so freaking slowly
I don't even know when will I get a job, or will I ever get one
I don't care if their qualifications needs SPM or UEC
I have the skill, and I know they appreciate my skills more than my cert.s
But at this rate, I can't even get a job by Sept, can't they pass the forms to their upper head faster??
Started playing piano 2 weeks ago
I started fast, but no one's there to teach me, so I've stopped completely
Bought a book called 'Easy Classical Piano Songs for CHILDREN'
Was so frustrated because my left hand can't co-ordinate with my right hand
Fucking left hand, made my right hand a solo-er
Luckily my right hand is still quite agile, can play a few melody perfectly
But still....Fuck my left hand
It made me a failure in piano.

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